Ask the Wisconsin Senate Health Committee to put SB492 on its Agenda

And pass the Complementary and Alternative Health Care Access bill. 

In this targeted alert, we request your help to encourage your Wisconsin legislator to put SB492 on the agenda for the next Senate Health Executive Committee in March and vote it out of Committee before March 24th! Looking for how you can help ensure continued access to natural healers, herbalists, traditional naturopaths?
See if you are a constituent of this committee.
Try it. If you are not a constituent, the message will not be sent All practitioners should be able to work cooperatively together.

Senate Committee on Health and Human Services – Members

Senator Testin (Chair)
Senator Kooyenga (Vice-Chair)
Senator Jacque
Senator Erpenbach
Senator Carpenter

The bill has already passed in the Assembly and this is the last Committee stop in the Senate and the opportunity to pass it out of Committee and on toward the Senate Floor for a Floor vote.  Once the Senate Floor passes it, it will be on its way to the Governor.

Take Action Here.

There are five Senators on the Senate Health Committee who have already heard this bill in a public hearing and now need to bring it to a vote.  If you live in one of their districts, you are a powerful constituent and can have a powerful impact on getting the bill passed.  Please write to your Senator and ask them to support and vote SB492 out of Committee.  Take Action Here.  Read the Bill Here.  

Thank you to everyone who joined NHFA and Wisconsin Health Freedom Coalition in Madison for the public hearing on the bill in the Senate Health Committees Jan 23, 2020.  Citizens made a strong case about why this proactive, solution-oriented legislation is needed to protect consumer access to unlicensed practitioners who provide complementary health care services in Wisconsin, including herbalists, traditional naturopaths, homeopaths, nutrition consultants, and many others. This is such a crucial time for WI’s bill!  Wisconsin is SO close to becoming the 12th Safe Harbor state! 

But the bill is still waiting for a vote in the Senate Health Committee!!!  Help us move it out by Taking Action Here.  Please do everything you can to get the bill past this important milestone.

Together we can protect complementary and alternative health care practitioners who are vulnerable to being charged criminally for practicing medicine – or another licensed health care profession – without a license.  And, in turn. your right to access and utilize their wonderful healing services. Take Action Now.