Mission Statement

The Solution

The members of the Wisconsin Health Freedom Coalition (WIHFC) will seek legislation 2017 – 2018 session. This legislation will open doors, not close them. WIHFC is committed to consumer access to practices, traditions, products, information benefiting health and wellness.

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Protect Wisconsin health seekers’ right to access natural nutritional healing protocols. Maintain public access to unlicensed natural health providers.

Legal protection from prosecution for providing advice and services that do no harm. Maintain public access to persons who sell nutrition supplements or provide nutrition education so they will not be charged with practicing medicine without a license.

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Protect traditional, cultural therapies and remedies practiced historically by persons who are not licensed or regulated by the state. Protect natural health traditions, information, and practices for generations to come.

Our legislation will lower health care costs by providing an active health care market, ensuring consumer access to natural health care providers Now, more than ever, it is time to end the turf wars and open up the playing field to everyone who seeks access to wellness choices.

Health and wellness is not a commodity to be sold or purchased, it is a right!