TAKE ACTION on WISCONSIN’S Complementary and Alternative Health Practitioners Bill!

Urge Legislators to Vote on WI’s Consumer Access to Complementary and Alternative Health Practitioners Bill, AB 86/SB 98!

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Dear All:
It’s that time again to take up the torch of Health Freedom and urge the Assembly Health Committee to schedule a vote for our bill, which has been langushing without action.  The bill has, again, passed the Senate committee and the Senate Floor on a voice vote (meaning no opposition).  Last session, prior to COVID, this bill passed in the same way on the Assembly floor before it died to to the shut down.  Since then we have begun the process again, added amendments to appease two medical groups, and now have no opposition. So these legislator’s simply need a nudge from YOU, as concerned citizens and constituents.
Please take a moment and lend your voice to maintain a choice for how you heal.  All healing is self-healing, so the decision should rest with you.  The template below makes it easy and you can edit as you like.
After passing through the Assembly committee and Assembly Floor vote, it goes to the Governor. And then I’ll be able to send a final notice to you that it passed via the Governor.
Please forward to like-minded friends and family in Wisconsin.
Thank you, WIHFC