Thank You, WI! Now Let’s Ask for the VOTE on AB 546, Protect Complementary Health Care Practitioners Bill

THANK YOU, Wisconsin Citizens for

Amazing Testimonies Last Week on AB546!

Now Let’s Ask for the VOTE in the Assembly Executive Committee!

Support the Bill to Protect Complementary and Alternative Healthcare

We need your help NOW to contact your legislators to support Wisconsin’s “Safe Harbor” Practitioner Exemption bill, AB546, a bill that will protect the right of homeopaths, traditional naturopaths, herbalist, energy healers and many more to offer their services to consumers in Wisconsin.  Help Wisconsin become the twelfth state to have a health freedom law protecting these practitioners!

How YOU Can Help:

1. Click Here to Email the Health Committee members and your personal legislators to ask for their support of AB546 and for it to be heard in an Executive session.  They heard the bill in Committee on January 7th and now, in order to VOTE it out of Committee, they have to hear it in an Executive meeting in order to move it and pass it out of the Committee.

2. Use this simple form to send WIHFC your testimony and we’ll submit it to the committee for you. See below for an example.  Sharing your story – in person or in writing – is crucial to the success of this bill!  Legislators love personal stories and your positive experience using complementary health could sway committee members to vote yes.

Example Message for Legislators: “Members of the Committee, my name is [insert name].  I live in [city].  I support AB546 and I want you to please VOTE YES on AB546, the “Consumer Protection for Complementary Healthcare” bill.  This bill is important to me because [insert your own brief reason why you support access to complementary and alternative health care]. Thank you.”


– I depend on complementary and alternative health care for myself and my family and I want Wisconsin law to protect my rights as a consumer to a free and educated choice in health care providers.


– I am a practitioner of complementary healthcare and a small business owner in Wisconsin. I want to serve my clients without the fear that my state’s laws could be used to treat me as a criminal.  Please update WI law to reflect what is happening in our state.]

Thanks in advance for helping pass AB546 into law.  Together, with your help, we can convince Wisconsin legislators to protect WI residents’ health freedom rights to access the healing modalities and practitioners they want.

For more about what this WI bill does for complementary and alternative health practitioners and their clients, see our website here (bill originally introduced as LRB-1960/1).  Read the bill here.  Read about Safe Harbor bills here.