Breaking News – WI SB 492 (AB 546) Voted on This Week! What Happens Next?

A quick note to share the news that the Senate Health Committee voted 3 to 2 to PASS AB 546 (SB 492), WI’s Consumer Access and Right to Practice Complementary and Alternative Health Care bill, out of committee earlier this week!!! This victory for health freedom and for Wisconsin means our work continues as we try to get this bill to the next step: a vote by the full Senate before the final floor session (a date yet to be determined).

Due to the unprecedented times related to COVID-19, things are very fluid. WI Senate Majority Leader Fitzgerald announced that they are postponing the legislative floor session next week. In his announcement, he mentioned that they would use a procedural move called an “extraordinary session” to come back in the Spring, which likely means late April or May. This announcement changes the deadline that we previously had (March 26) to whenever they come back for the extraordinary session.

We’ll let you know as soon as AB 546 (SB 492) is scheduled for a floor vote so you can flood the Senate with requests for YES VOTES on this Practitioner Exemption bill. This proactive, solution-oriented legislation is needed to protect consumer access to unlicensed practitioners who provide complementary health care services in Wisconsin, including herbalists, traditional naturopaths, homeopaths, nutrition consultants, and many others.

Until then, please send a thank you note to Senators Testin, Jacque, and Kooyenga for Voting Yes on AB 546 (SB 492). If you’re a constituent of one these Senate Health Committee Members, click here to tell them you appreciate their support of your health freedom rights!

Wisconsin is SO close to becoming the 12th Safe Harbor state! Thank you to everyone who has joined NHFA and WIHFC in getting the bill this far and who remains committee to seeing this bill become law! Fingers crossed AB 546 (SB 492) will make it to the Senate floor!

That’s all for now! Stay Healthy!